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Our Indiegogo Funding Project Has Gone Live!

It’s finally here!  Please help support our crowd-funding project by going either to and search for “chocolate” or go directly to our project by going to this shortcut: Lots of great tasting chocolate awaits you!  Also, keep your eyes and ears peeled for our weekly surprise awards.   Our first one will be announced sometime next week.

Big News! Support Our Campaign:Have Chance To Win Year’s Worth Of Chocolate!

Our big news is here!

Okay we think it’s big news, and we hope you do too.  For anyone who contributes at least $40 to our Indiegogo fundraising campaign (project goes live this Friday, September 27th), you will have several chances to win A YEAR’S WORTH OF CHOCOLATE.  By contributing at least $40 you are guaranteed at least two!

Here’s the breakdown:

1. Each Backer who contributes at least $40. Will get a vote to submit a design idea for us to potentially create and add to our future mold library. The higher your contribution, the more votes you get.

2. Each Backer who contributes at least $40. Will get a vote to come up with a name for our mascot. The higher your contribution, the more votes you get.

3. The Backer who refers the most people to our project (that also contribute) he/she will also win: a year’s supply of chocolate. (to qualify for having the most amount of referrals, each referral MUST contact us and mention your name for the referral to count/you also must be a backer and a minimum $20 contribution is required by both referrals and initial backer).

4. The Backer who’s contribution puts us over the $99,000 funding goal will also win: a year’s supply of chocolate.

**Please Note: A year’s worth of chocolate is defined as 1lb. of either milk, white, or blended dark once a month for 12 months.  The 12 month clock starts ticking when we ship the first 1lb. box of chocolate.

Our project launches this Friday at!  We need to raise $99,000 in 30 days!  With your help we can do it.  To go directly to our project you can go here (link and project go live on Friday):

Big News! Our fundraising project is moving to indiegogo (launches Sept. 27th)

Due to problems and technical issues dealing with Kickstarter, we felt, even at this late moment in our ramp up to launch time, it was in our best interest to switch gears and launch our fundraising project on Indiegogo. Indiegogo is a similar crowd-sourced funding platform. They are almost as popular now as Kickstarter, and they are more startup business friendly. We are in the process of changing all our information to reflect this move, and believe me it’s no small task. Thankfully I have some great people helping me accomplish this who has been amazing helping me get us up to speed for our launch.

Indiegogo has the same type of “fixed” funding, where it’s “all or nothing”, meaning if we don’t reach our funding goal we get nothing and you contribute nothing. However, they offer an additional funding model that Kickstarter does not. Specifically, it’s called a “flexible” platform. While the “fixed” platform is a “all or nothing” this one allows the project creator to collect whatever they raise even if they don’t make their funding goal. The cost to do this type of platform is a bit higher with a higher commission to Indiegogo if we don’t make our goal, and the big question is what do we do with the money if we don’t make our funding goal. Well, we thought about it, and at first we were concerned that if we didn’t meet our funding goal we wouldn’t be able to do what we needed with the money and we wanted to make sure we could fulfill the rewards (perks) for backers. Well, the good news is two-fold. Because of the way we calculated the cost of the rewards vs. the contributions, and that fact that we already have the mold of our mascot manufactured we will be able to fulfill the rewards (perks) even with less than our funding goal. Also, even if we don’t make our funding goal, we still will be able to find ways to use whatever funds we receive to get us closer to clearing our first stage of the business.

When the project launches you can either go to: or when our project goes live, you can go directly to our project page by using this shortcut: