Monthly Archives: July 2013

Our Start Date For Our Kickstarter Project Is Announced!

We’ve selected the start date for our Kickstarter project.  We plan to launch Friday, September 27th.  We will run for 30 days, and will end either on Saturday, September 26th or we may and try to stretch to end on Sunday, September 27th, just to get that extra day on the weekend.

We’re very excited as things are starting to come together.  We’ve just decided on our “stretch” rewards and a few “add-ons”.  We are still sorting out our weekly (limited) “surprise” awards.  These awards will be announced by the end of each week of our project, and will be something that will go above and beyond what we will normally be offering as rewards.  Because of the “above and beyond” part, we will only be offering a few of these, and each week will be something different.

We will also be offering some special “bonus” awards that will be totally FREE!  We will be announcing those in the near future.

Eric Bram and Dariush Derakhshani Added To Our Advisory Board

This is a little belated, but I want to put a shout out to our other advisory members: Eric Bram and Dariush who’s invaluable help has really gotten this business to our current “turning point” with our Kickstarter project just a few short months away.  Eric’s creative writing skills and Dariush’s business and computer graphics experience have brought incredibly valuable skills and experience to us, and we are thankful for their undying support.

Jon Emmet Just Added To Our Advisory Board

I am happy to announce the latest member of our advisory board.  Jon Emmet is an experienced avid editor for television entertainment, and all around great guy.  His enthusiasm, support and encouragement for our new venture is both inspiring and appreciated.  We believe his participation on our advisory board will bring great insight and great energy and look forward to working with him.

On a separate note; he is gracious enough to help us edit our Kickstarter video.

Our First Mold Design Is In Production (For Kickstarter)

We are excited to report that our first mold design is officially in production.  The manufacturer that we will be purchasing our equipment from will be building our first mold design for us.  This mold is of our mascot, and will be used for our rewards for Kickstarter.  We should have them done and delivered in a few weeks.

Here’s a sneak peak of what the mold will look like when it’s done (the test mold):

Negative Mold of 3d Mascot

Negative Mold of 3d Mascot

Meetings, Videographer, and 1st Version Of Animated Logo

We had a very productive week this week.  To start, we had a meeting with a business consultant, setup by our business advisor.  This gentleman works with large corporations, and startups to guide them towards success.  He’s also an angel investor.  Today’s meeting was not about looking for money (right now that’s what our Kickstarter project is for), but rather to see if our business is on the right track.  I’m happy to say that he feels we are, and that we are right to focus on our upcoming Kickstarter project.  We have several goals attached to the project.  The obvious one is to raise the funds needed to buy equipment so we can produce a product.  The other goal is to show demand.  This is investing and business 101.  If we can fund successfully we can show that our product has a demand (investors love to see this).  This gives us a base to grow our business from.  Besides Kickstarter, he had some other great suggestions that we will be incorporating into our business plan.  We are looking to hire him on as another consultant and look forward to the experience and knowledge he can bring to the table.  More on that later.

We are also happy to announce that we have secured a videographer to help film out video for the project.  I don’t have details yet, as this was arranged by one of our advisory board members, and I have yet to meet with him.  We also were able to see early versions of our animated logo.  It’s a great start!  Our artist is hard at work moving it along to a “final” product for us to use in the video!