Our Process

Traditional Chocolate Design
Traditionally, chocolate designs are either created completely by hand, or rely on a mold created directly from another object. In creating a mold, however, the original object must be able to withstand heat, pressure, or even chemicals. Traditional mold making is just not suitable for sensitive items. Because of these extreme elements, the final chocolate designs tend to lose a lot of detail due to their limitations and ability to reproduce accurate detail.

Everything’s Made of Chocolate Designs
Our new process (patent pending) utilizes 3D scan and print technology. Incorporating this into the traditional craft of chocolate design expands the possibilities for creations based on actual objects such as heirlooms, and corporate logos. Not only can we maintain comparable detail to a replicated object, but can create our molds out of almost anything without destroying or damaging the original. We can also easily change the size of the mold on demand. Using computers and 3D geometry also gives us the flexibility to incorporate two-dimensional images, (photos, paintings and logos) into chocolate designs as well. Examples include: food, flowers, delicate jewelry, toys, collectables, family photos, even your own face/head.