Our Start Date For Our Kickstarter Project Is Announced!

We’ve selected the start date for our Kickstarter project.  We plan to launch Friday, September 27th.  We will run for 30 days, and will end either on Saturday, September 26th or we may and try to stretch to end on Sunday, September 27th, just to get that extra day on the weekend.

We’re very excited as things are starting to come together.  We’ve just decided on our “stretch” rewards and a few “add-ons”.  We are still sorting out our weekly (limited) “surprise” awards.  These awards will be announced by the end of each week of our project, and will be something that will go above and beyond what we will normally be offering as rewards.  Because of the “above and beyond” part, we will only be offering a few of these, and each week will be something different.

We will also be offering some special “bonus” awards that will be totally FREE!  We will be announcing those in the near future.