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A special thank you to our Business Advisor

I want to take this moment to thank our Business Advisor.  His name is John Feeney, and he is a founding member of an angel investment group.  He’s been in business and investing since almost before I was born.  I met him by taken one of his classes he teaches on starting a new business, and after after an initial meeting to go over my business plans, we hit it off.  He’s been a pleasure to work with, and a wonderful mentor.  I’ve learned a lot from him, and appreciate his guidance, insight, and moral support through this difficult and time consuming process.

Don’t let anyone tell you different that starting a business is easy.  More specifically, creating a “successful” business.  I’m not calling this venture successful yet, but I’m realizing more and more that to become successful, it requires a lot of work, research, and education.

Thanks again John, and I’m looking forward to more great progress, with an eventual “sign on the door” that says: “open for business”.

Eric Bram and Dariush Derakhshani Added To Our Advisory Board

This is a little belated, but I want to put a shout out to our other advisory members: Eric Bram and Dariush who’s invaluable help has really gotten this business to our current “turning point” with our Kickstarter project just a few short months away.  Eric’s creative writing skills and Dariush’s business and computer graphics experience have brought incredibly valuable skills and experience to us, and we are thankful for their undying support.

Jon Emmet Just Added To Our Advisory Board

I am happy to announce the latest member of our advisory board.  Jon Emmet is an experienced avid editor for television entertainment, and all around great guy.  His enthusiasm, support and encouragement for our new venture is both inspiring and appreciated.  We believe his participation on our advisory board will bring great insight and great energy and look forward to working with him.

On a separate note; he is gracious enough to help us edit our Kickstarter video.

Our First Meeting With Our Business Advisor

We had our first meeting with our business advisor today. He’s really awesome and generous with his time. He’s a co-founder of an angel investment group, and will be a great asset to help us get off the ground. We gave him our business plan for his review to see if we are on the right track.

We also learned a lot. It was almost too much to put down. One of the highlights that came up was putting together an “advisory” board. This is simply a group of people that are support of your business idea, and can bring something to the table (so to speak), either experience in a particular industry or other useable skills. At the beginning, they will not be anything more than advisors/supporters, however, in the future, there is a possibility of either stock or other investment opportunities.

I already named my friends Eric Bram, and Dariush Derakhshani to the board. Both have already been extremely supportive.