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Responsive Version of Our Blog Is Now Complete

We decided to take our blog one step further.  We got a great web developer (believe it or not, we found him in Romania through www.fiverrr.com).  Anyway, we had him make the blog responsive and work with mobile devices.  I believe this was a smart investment as we are increasingly becoming a mobile-centric culture and it stands to reason that the blog should look good on as many devices as possible.

Go to www.everythingsmadeofchocolate on your cellphone or tablet, and watch the magic happen.  😉

Our Blog Is Live – Again

We finally got our blog up and running. Actually this is the second go at it.  The first time we ended up having trouble with the theme breaking, so we kind of started over.  Thankfully we hadn’t really utilized it yet so it wasn’t too much of a loss.  But it’s up now and humming along.  Still work to be done to configure it for guests.