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Our Company Name Is Now Officially Trademarked

Our trademark has been approved!  It’s official!  We now own the rights to the name: “Everything’s Made of Chocolate”.  This now means that we can now publish and print our name with legal support.  It also means we can officially used the “registered” symbol ( ® ).  This means that our company is a “registered” trademark and is legally projected.  The other symbol (™) means that the name is a unique name or phrase that I’m using in my business, however, and that’s a BIG however, it is not a registered mark, and therefore does not have the same legal protection as a “registered” mark has.

Our Trademark Has Been Published

Our trademark “Everything’s Made of Chocolate” has officially been published. For this stage of a trademark application, the USPTO (United States Patent and Trade mark Office) requires that all applications for trademark be published in the TMOG (Trademark Official Gazette). The publication process allows for transparency, and anyone to review and even contend any new application for a trademark. Once an application has been published with no one contesting, it can now go on to be reviewed, and finally approved.

Our Trademark Search Has Been Completed

Our initial trademark search has been completed, and we just received the results. Our search included: Local, regional, and national databases (including internet domains) We are happy to say that our search results returned no positive matches, and our trademark attorney feels that the words “everything” and “chocolate” are considered “too common” of words that someone would be able to lay claim and contest our name. He advises that we can move forward with the application, and feels we have a good chance of getting our trademark (“mark” for short).